Who Can Donate

Everyone has the ability to make a difference through organ and tissue donation!

Anyone of any age can be a donor. Those under the age of 18 will need the consent of their parent(s) or guardian(s) in order to be a donor at the time of their death. In addition to registering, we encourage people under 18 to discuss their wishes for organ, eye and tissue donation with their parent(s) or guardian(s).

Adults should not eliminate themselves as a donor due to age or an existing medical condition. The oldest donor in the United States was 92-years-old at the time of his death. Additionally, your medical history will be reviewed at the time of death to determine what organs and tissues can be donated. Recent advances in transplantation have allowed more people to be eligible donors. For example, people with diabetes can donate; people who have had cancer, but have been cancer-free, can be donors; and even people with poor eyesight can donate their corneas.

The opportunity to impact lives starts with a personal commitment to be an organ, eye and tissue donor. Individuals, organizations and corporations can take on the challenge of raising awareness too!