The Need

The Need

The need is real. The need is urgent. In Iowa alone, over 600 people are waiting for a transplant at any given time. And yet, just over half of Iowans have registered to become an organ, eye and tissue donor at the time of their death.

You might ask yourself: How does that affect me? Through organ, eye and tissue donation every day citizens, just like you, have a chance to make a difference. To be a life saver. To be a Hero. By joining the Iowa Donor Registry and agreeing to become an organ, eye and tissue donor when you obtain or renew your driver license, you can save eight lives, and enhance the quality of life for up to 50 others through eye and tissue donation! You can place your name in the Registry today by signing up online.

The need for donation is critical. Hundreds of Iowans can be helped each year through the anatomical gifts of organs, eyes and tissues.

  • Nationally, 18 people will die each day waiting for an organ.
  • On any given day, over 600 Iowans are waiting for an organ transplant, with 83 percent waiting for a kidney transplant due to end-stage kidney disease.
  • Hundreds of additional Iowans are in need of cornea and tissue transplants.
  • Each year more than 800 Iowans could have their sight restored through cornea transplants, and thousands more could benefit from tissue transplants, including, skin, bone, tendons, ligaments, vessels, heart valves, nerves and middle ear bones.
  • By joining the Iowa Donor Registry you make the choice to help. To be someone’s Hero.


Nationally, African-Americans and other minorities make up about 20 percent of the population, but 54 percent of the waiting list for organ transplants is composed of minorities.

Illnesses like high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease are very common in minority communities. These conditions can sometimes lead to the need for an organ transplant. Believe it or not, many people have never thought about the lifesaving role they could play by becoming an organ, eye and tissue donor even though the need in their community is great.

You can give hope to thousands of men, women and children waiting for a life-changing organ, tissue or cornea transplant by simply joining the Iowa Donor Registry today.

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